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Polyvision Eno Classic 2610 Interactive Whiteboard - 78" Diagonal - 4:3 Aspect

Polyvision Eno Classic 2610 Interactive Whiteboard - 78" Diagonal - 4:3 Aspect

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Quick Overview

  • Use it as an Interactive Whiteboard and a Traditional Whiteboard.

  • You can write on its surface using a dry erase pen and erase the text with a dry eraser.

  • Gives you the option to set up 3 interactive boards in the same room when you buy the Eno Mini Slate with it.

  • Board Surface is Guaranteed For Life from damage. You can even place magnets on its surface.

  • RM Easiteach Software is included. It has many great features.

  • Screen Size: 78" diagonal.

  • Connectivity: USB.



PolyVision eno 2610 Interactive Whiteboard is now Steelcase PolyVision eno 2610 Interactive Whiteboard

Steelcase PolyVision eno 2610 Interactive Whiteboard is a one of a kind whiteboard. It can be used as a traditional whiteboard and an interactive whiteboard. You can write notes with a regular dry-erase marker or interactive stylus. The marker won't damage its surface. You can also place magnets on the surface too. The surface is a made of virtually indestructible ceramicsteel surface. The Steelcase PolyVision eno 2610 combines the ceramicsteel surface with interactive performance without any cords, cables or costly installation. You save on installation cost. You can navigate through documents, presentations or websites right from the board. You can also save all the interactive notes to post to a server, print or email. The Steelcase PolyVision eno 2610 has made it that simple. When you buy the Mini Slate with it, you can set it up with the 2610 to have 3 interactive whiteboards. 2 Mini Slates and 1 2610 or 2 2610 and 1 Mini Slate combination can give you 3 interactive whiteboards at the same time.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.

One Whiteboard - helps teachers teach. helps students learn. helps schools save

The three-in-one eno interactive whiteboard helps bridge the gap between today’s students and today’s teachers with three levels of classroom performance.

Only eno

Teachers can use eno right out of the box with familiar programs such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® or a web browser. Next, teachers can ramp up their tried-and-true lesson plans with powerful subject-specific content tools including number lines, graphs, maps, calipers, timers and more. In no time, teachers can move from markers to multimedia, from ink to internet, without missing a beat.

Traditional Dry-erase

Write on eno all day long. Erase it with ease (and you can’t damage the surface)

Magnetic ceramicsteel

Give students manipulatives for time-tested problem-solving. It’s OK— eno is tougher than magnets (and kids)

Interactive Performance

Add a stylus, computer and projector. And eno is instantly interactive (shazam)

  • No more clutter. No cords, no cables. No hard connections to power or data. It is cord and wire-free, making for safer, less-cluttered classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Environment Friendly. The ēno whiteboard family is made from all recyclable materials, with board construction using e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ for the surface. With Cradle to CradleSM Silver certification, the ēno is world's only environmentally certified writing surface, meeting stringent indoor air quality standards.
  • Cost saving. No costly installation and no outlet required for board operation.
  • True interactivity. Experience true interactivity through a Bluetooth-enabled stylus using Anoto Group AB digital pen technology and an evolutionary open software platform.
  • Save and distribute. Save and distribute an entire interactive session, with one easy click to capture notes written with the stylus.
  • Multiple Board Support. Each board is offered in three different versions, each with a unique pattern (e.g. 2610 A, B or C) to enable multiple boards to operate in the same room.
  • Forever Warranty. Forever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, ten-year warranty on the whiteboard (trim, mounts, etc.), two-year warranty on other components.
Active Area & Dimensions

eno 2610 Specifications

A Dimensions 48.2"H x 64.5"W
B Dimensions 46.9"H x 62.6"W
C Size 78" (Diagonal)
D Dimensions 1.1"D
Resolution 8000 x 8000
Weight 66 lbs
RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Yes
Connection USB
Writing Surface e3 environmental ceramicsteel whiteboard
Power Requirements
  • No power requirements for the whiteboard
  • Stylus requires one AAA battery
Certification MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, RoHS
Accessories (Included)
  • Bluetooth-enabled stylus
  • Moveable magnetic icon strip
  • One AAA battery
  • Two replacement stylus tips
  • Bluetooth receiver for Windows or Macintosh (USB interface)
  • PolyVision driver
Computer Requirements
Microsoft Windows ® :
  • XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista®
  • Pentium Processor, 512MB RAM
  • One USB port

Apple Macintosh ® :

  • Power PC Intel processor
  • System software OS X 10.3.9 or higher
  • 512MB RAM
  • One USB port
  • 12" magnetic tray (MCR 12)
  • 24" magnetic tray (MCR 24)
  • Mobile adjustable height stand (MS 600)
Educational Software (included)
  • RM Easiteach software
  • Toolbars for geography, math, science, and language arts
  • One content package – choose primary math, primary science, primary language arts or secondary combination pack (math, science and language arts)
  • Multiple monitor support
Bluetooth Stack Support
eno supports the following Bluetooth stacks:
  • Windows: Microsoft, Toshiba, Blue Soleil™, Widcomm®/Broadcom®
  • Macintosh: All Apple stacks


Additional Information

Weight in Kg No
Manufacturer Polyvision
Board Size No
Board Type No
Color White
Country of Manufacture  

Additional Information

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